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Do you want more information about our artists or book an artists, give us a sign and let us know. Please contact us with our contact form.

Glammer Twins

The first act on Glammer Music. Glammer Twins produced electronic dance and house music with a pop appeal. 

Without further ado, we have developed their own music genre: Lo-Tec. A mixture of lounge and chill-out elements and house/tech-house music.

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Hands on – The Glammer Twins Remixes:

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Humbolt Gremberg

One day we received a demo from an artist who has neither an address nor a telephone number. Otherwise, he does not reveal anything about himself. Again and again we get demos and remixes from him. We do not know who it is. But it’s just the music that counts and we are always thrilled again.

Deep Souldier

Deep Souldier is a new electronic House Producer and DJ out of no man’s land.

A talented sound designer for a fresh neo-house sound that is both in the club his place as well as suitable for the home.

His first EP released 2 days before the Burning Man Festival starts. After his LP “Road to Myself” follow his new EP “Secrets of life”

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