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Find here our releases:

GM-029 comes soon

GM-027 Glammer Twins – Porque? (Single)

GM-026 Deep Souldier – Closer (Club Mixes) 

GM-025 Deep Souldier – Cryin’ in the night (Part 1 & Part 2) (Single)

GM-024 Glammer Music – Groovetrain (exclusive bandcamp compilation) 

2GM-023 Glammer Twins – Disco Bong 2020 (Part 1 & Part 2) (Single)

GM-022 Glammer Music – Ravin’ around the christmas tree (exclusive bandcamp compilation) 

GM-021 Glammer Twins feat. Patric – Wenn der Mond (Die Remixe) (EP)

GM-020 Deep Souldier – Take a ride (After Lockdown) (Single) 

GM-019 Glammer Music – Glammer Funk Vol. 3 (EP)

GM-018 Glammer Twins – Cruel Summer (Single) 

GM-017 Glammer Music – Glammer Funk Vol. 2 (EP)

GM-016 Glammer Twins feat. Patric – Wenn der Mond (Single) 

GM-015 Deep Souldier – Secrets of Life (EP)

GM-014 Glammer Music – Ibiza Calling Vol. 2 EP

GM-013 Deep Souldier – Road To Myself (LP)

GM-012 Glammer Twins – El Padron EP

GM-011 Deep Souldier – Burnin Man (EP) 

GM-010 Glammer Twins – Time After Time (Single)

GM-009 Glammer Twins – Sunshine 2k19 Remixes

GM-008 Glammer Twins – Lo-Tec Vol. 1 (Crush Grooves) (EP)

GM-007 Glammer Twins – Lie Machine (Single+Remixes)

GM-006 Glammer Twins – Try so hard (Single)

GM-005 Glammer Twins – Sunshine (Single+Remixes)

GM-003 Glammer Twins – Glammer Funk Vol. 1 (EP)

GM-002 Glammer Twins – Ibiza Calling Vol. 1 (EP)

GM-001 Glammer Twins – Hold ON (Single+Remixes)

GR-002 Glammer Twins -Nevermind (Single+Remixes)

GR-001 Glammer Twins – Beat Maniac (Single+Remix)